Who Are We?

At Sustainashop we are on a mission to reduce waste throughout Australia.

Sustainashop was founded back in 2018 as a reaction to growing concerns over the high levels of plastic pollution in our oceans. Over the past few years, our team has witnessed the damaging effects of plastic contamination first hand whilst visiting Australia's coastline.

Our initial inspiration to start Sustainashop came from when we followed the journey of the infamous plastic straw from the venues we bar tended in Melbourne’s CBD, to the shores of our favourite surfing spots in Victoria. Further research led to the alarming discovery that, in Melbourne alone approximately 1,905,000 plastic straws are consumed daily. With this worrying fact in mind and passion in our hearts, we knew change had to be made.

We initially set out with the simple objective of reducing plastic waste in the hospitality industry one sustainable straw at a time - as that was a familiar industry for us. However, we soon realized that by not only supplying to businesses but the individual consumer as well, we had the potential of reaching a much larger audience and having a significantly greater impact. Our store went live in April 2020 and we haven't looked back since. 

Since launching Sustainashop we have discovered so much. Primarily that the road to sustainability is not linear, it twists and turns and ultimately teaches us how little we really know, which is why we love it! It continues to challenge our understanding, improving our decisions daily to live with respect and care for our planet. We hope that we can build a community that learns and builds on existing knowledge to ensure we preserve our natural environments in the best possible way. 

We aim to offer affordable, functional and eco-friendly alternatives to plastic  items to assist you on your journey to a more environmentally conscious life.

Welcome to Sustainashop and thank you for your support!