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Natural Brush Set - 5 pack

Natural Brush Set - 5 pack

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Sustainashop's natural brush set is a great eco-friendly alternative to toxic plastic brushes. The problem with common plastic brushes is their contribution to landfills across Australia. Once they are disposed of, they never actually disappear; they simply break down into tiny bits. In addition to this, plastic bristles also often fall into the sink, infiltrating waterways, and eventually adding to the increasing problem of microplastics in our oceans.

Our natural bamboo brush sets combat this issue. They are manufactured with 100% natural bristles derived from materials like bamboo, coconut fibers, and sisal, all with comfortable and sustainable bamboo handles. Using Natural Brushes is a great way to ensure that you and your family are safe from the harmful effects of plastics. When it comes to daily use products in your house, you need to make sure that you are using safe products and aren't damaging the planet.

This 5 pack-brush set has a natural dish brush, a bamboo pot scrubbing brush, natural oval scrubbing brush, bamboo vegetable cleaning brush and natural bottle cleaning brushThese brushes are perfect for various cleaning tasks and they are an excellent addition to your kitchen, bathroom & laundry and are also a great gift item. The handles are perfectly well-rounded and well finished making them comfortable for daily use.


1 x Dish brush (with replaceable head)
1 x Pot scrubbing brush
1 x Oval scrubbing brush
1 x Vegetable cleaning brush
1 x Bottle cleaning brush


100% natural bristles ✔
Sustainable bamboo handles ✔
Plastic-free ✔
Compostable ✔
Vegan ✔
Suitable for the kitchen, bathroom & laundry ✔


Reduce your footprint on the planet ✔

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  • Eco-friendly

  • Minimal waste

  • Australian owned

  • Plastic free shipping

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Why switch to Bamboo Cleaning Brushes?

Bamboo brushes have emerged as a more environmentally friendly option compared to plastic brushes.

Bamboo is 100% biodegradable ✔
Bamboo can be reused or recycled ✔
Plant based sisal bristles ✔
Plastic-free ✔

The planet will thank you for it.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Lisa I.
We’ve been using this brush set for about four months and found them to be fantastic.

With a recent dietary diagnosis in the family, we’ve had to replace them to avoid potential cross-contamination. I didn’t even need to think about whether to replace them or not, we just ordered a new set immediately. We use the dish rush and the bottle brush every day.

Anne B.
Such good quality items that are a joy to use.

The bottle brush is also great for cleaning glasses & the pot scrubber has cleaned stains burnt onto a saucepan base with the help of a sprinkle of bicarb. Highly recommend purchasing this set!

Marc A.
I’ll be back! 👌🏻

A seem less shopping experience, quick delivery, and beautiful high-quality products.

Bill Rendall
Excellent quality product, fast ship and prompt communications-

Excellent thank you